Angelo Renna:
Monkey factor

Monkey Factor is a multi-disciplinary project merging different stories around the idea of a new ecology. The territory we inhabit is completely man-made, even the portions of the Earth that allegedly seem natural and untouched by the human presence are still impacted by the other man-made environments of the world. Each story introduces elements that should be taken into consideration in architecture: rainwater, animals, trees, plants, microorganisms and soil. These last become fundamental design elements that should be analysed with a particular attention; their features and peculiarity, quality and dimensions should be observed and developed as we nowadays build a wall, a pillar, or a window. The aim of this research is to define a new design attitude for the environmental crisis of our Planet.


1 visual research,
2 open platform,
3 growing archive of visual and textual zoo related material, questioning its relevance in contemporary society.

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